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C7 Research offers rapid and efficient clinical trial recruitment and startup, with study initiation and contract finalizations completed within 3-5 business days. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge technology for top-notch performance and participant satisfaction. Advanced EMR data mining, powered by AI and quality-controlled, provides centralized insights.

Coupled with targeted recruitment strategies and extensive outreach, we consistently exceed enrollment goals across diverse populations. Partner with C7 Research to elevate your clinical trial recruitment.”


At C7, our commitment to quality in clinical research is unparalleled. Led by Dr. Ahmed, a seasoned quality improvement officer with extensive experience, we excel in leveraging innovative methodologies such as Kaizen and Kata strategies to drive impactful improvements.

Our approach focuses on implementing small-scale changes with significant downstream impact, ensuring efficiency and excellence at every stage. We’ve assembled a team of dedicated quality professionals for each of our sites, overseen by our adept Quality department. From staff training and development to document management and risk mitigation, our on-site Quality Improvement Risk Mitigation Team ensures meticulous attention to detail.

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